15 CPD Points

AOC Vision Screening Project

In the previous Asia Optometric Congress (AOC) council meeting, there was a proposal to have a regional vision screening.  The objective is to generate awareness on the need of proper and quality vision care in this region through AOC platform.  The results of the vision screening will be shared and presented at the 3rd Asia Optometric Congress (8th ASEAN Optometric Conference) to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 15-16 November 2022 by Mr Woon Pak Seong, the Organizing Chair of the Asia Optometric Congress.  Together with you, we will coordinate with all other AOC members to compile and analyse the data for presentation as well as writing up for publication in a regional/international journal.

We are trying to make it as simple as possible and yet meaningful enough to capture the general demographic data to facilitate AOC members to present it to their government for advocacy of quality vision care service in the community. Our Secretariat of AOC in Kuala Lumpur is most happy to assist in data entry if you need any assistance. In view of Covid-19, please take whatever necessary precautionary measures during the vision screening. There is no age limit and also upper limit of patients being screened. However, please try to reduce the selection bias during data collection.

Based upon the previous communication by the Advisory Council of AOC, Dr Tan Kah Ooi, the person-in-charge from each AOC member country/territory, as follows:

  • Cambodia: Horm Piseth or Seila Chea

  • China: Wang Haiying

  • India: Aditya Goyal

  • Indonesia: Dian Leila Sari

  • Korea: Shin Jang Cheol

  • Laos PDR: Khamphoua Southisombath

  • Malaysia: Woon Pak Seong

  • Myanmar: Cho Cho San

  • Philippines: Charlie Ho

  • Singapore: Koh Liang Hwee or Ken Tong

  • Thailand: Danai Tonkerdmongkol

  • Vietnam: Minh Anh Tran

The closing date of data submission is 3rd September 2022. 

Please contact secretariat@asiaoptometriccongress.com if you have any questions or update on the data collection.