Indian Entry Level Optometry Competency Standards 21 (IELOCS 21)

Association of Schools and Colleges of India (ASCO India) presented its next edition of Indian entry level optometry competency standards (IELOCS 21) on the 6th of August 2021. ASCO India’s vision and mission is to update and upgrade optometry education and practising standards of optometrists in India. This is achieved through various fellowships, continuous educational programs, and conferences conducted for optometry educational institutions and optometrists in India.

The last edition of IELOCS was about 10 years old and we felt the need to update it, considering the advancements in optometry that have taken place in the past decade. ASCO India was ably supported by Optometry council of India in bringing out IELOCS 21. 17 optometrists and a psychologist joined hands to work on this edition.

IELOCS 21 is a comprehensive document that comprises of minimum competency standards required for graduate optometrists in India and Asia. The framework of current legalities and privileges enjoyed by the optometrists have been taken into consideration while preparing this document. Current document is quite robust and has described minimum competencies in regular clinical examination as well as different specialties of optometry. Minimum competency standards have been classified on the basis of knowledge, skills and the behaviour that every graduating and practicing optometrist must possess. Sections on communication skills, professional conduct and documentation have been included to make the document more comprehensive. Sections on minimum and desirable equipment requirement adds value for the practitioners as well as optometry educational institutions.

IELOCS 21 is a humble offering of ASCO India to update, upgrade and educate optometrists in India as well as Asia.


Aditya Goyal,


ASCO, India.

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