GMS-AOC Asian Track

We’re so blessed to have 11 distinguished speakers from Asia with over 200 years of invaluable experience in research and clinic joined AOC to participate the 1st GMS/AOC Asia Track.

Myopia is a global epidemic and we need to proactively to mitigating with good communication skill and lifestyle changes, measuring refractive error and axial length with latest equipment and lastly managing it with evidence-based intervention options. We’re here to provide good vision, to improve the quality of life and improve eye health today and and tomorrow.
Lastly, I’d like to express my appreciation for the support and guidance from Dr Kah Ooi Tan, Datuk Murphy Chan, Dr Liang Hwee Koh, Dr Charlie, Dr Jason Nichols, Dr Mark Bullimore and the AOC committee. It’s a great team work, without anyone of you, we won’t be able to have this GMS/AOC Asia Track successful. Thank you everyone.

Source: Dr Oliver Woo


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