Indian Optometry Gets Legislated!

24th of March 2021 was a historic date for the Indian Optometry and other allied healthcare professions. After waiting endlessly for almost seven decades, the longest pending bill in the history of India was passed in the parliament by the Government of India.

With the passing of the bill, the profession of Optometry has become legalized. Optometric education and practice will be standardized and legislated by the Government of India and the Governments of Indian states.

The bill has recognized Optometry as a healthcare profession and accorded independent status to optometrists. Optometric education will be standardized to 4 years of basic graduation. Curriculum, infra structure etc will all have a minimum standardization.

Passage of the bill will go a long way in articulating a golden era for the Indian Optometry and optometrists. Indian Optometry will join other countries in the world to work towards eradication of preventable blindness and also march forward towards advancements in the optometric specialties.

Reported by Aditya Goyal
President, India Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry


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