The Sixth Optometry Forum of CODE was Successfully Concluded

The sixth optometry forum of China Optometry Development Education (CODE) was successfully concluded on 23rd May 2020. This forum is sponsored by Optometrist Branch of China Optometric & Optical Association, National Optometry Guidance Committee, organized by TianJin Vocational Institute and co-organized by China Glasses Science-technology Magazine.

With the theme of binocular vision problem processing and functional glasses fitting, this forum invited 8 professional teachers to share their theoretical and practical skills with optometry professionals. The optometry forum was originally scheduled to be held at the 20th China (Shanghai) international glasses industry exhibition in February this year. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the live broadcast was completed on the online education platform of Jingjingledao, a brand-new way. There were more than 8,000 people watched this three-hour live broadcast online.

Mr Du Tonghe, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the China National Light Industry Council and Director General of the China Optometric & Optical Association, expressed his greetings and welcome to his colleagues in the optometry industry in the live broadcast.
He emphasized the optometry education in the important position in the "healthy China" strategy, and remarked on the general optical industry professionals, united as one, coagulation hearts meet force, promoting close connection with health industry, depending on optometry integrated into the global professional, health services throughout the entire health and welfare, and make due contributions.

After Mr. Dai Weiping, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Optometric & Optical Association, introduced the speech topics and research directions of the teachers before the sharing session began.

Professor Qi Bei brought the introduction and instruction of the toric GP contact lens fitting.


Prof Wang Haiying (fourth from right) focused on the soft multi-focus contact lens fitting.

Ms Ding Meihua (third from right) introduced the development history, definition, main use, fitting examination and procedure of scleral lens in detail.

Mr Tang Xiandong (left) introduced the characteristics, classification and clinical application of hybrid contact lens in detail and analyzed several mainstream fitting methods.

Ms Wu Fei (second from left) analyzed the basic principles of visual training and taught the three stages of non-strabismus binocular visual training in detail.

Ms Liu Ningning (third from left) gave appropriate diagnosis and test for patients with binocular vision and abnormal accommodation function, and analyzed the examination results.

Ms Song Yutong (right) first introduced the main types and common causes of visual field defects, and shared the details of the operation of the low vision device fitting, examination and visual rehabilitation.

Ms Hu Lan (second from right) introduced the basic principle, performance, types and application range of prism.


During the live broadcast, the wonderful content shared by the teachers won the applause from the optometry professionals. Aiming at the topic shared by the 8 teachers, the optometry professionals raised their own questions in the studio, and the teachers also gave professional answers after class.

The online live broadcast of this optometry forum not only has a large number of participants, but also has good response in Wechat Moment and social networks. Interested readers can scan the small program code at the bottom of the picture to watch the full replay of this optometry forum (within 30 days).


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