Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Indonesia continue to drive professionalism in optometric

According to the Indonesia government regulation in 2014, optometrist with 3 years of formal optometric education from local Institutions will need to obtain a license to practice optometry. The license is renewable every 5 years with recommendation from the Indonesia Professional Association (IROPIN) based on the achievement of CPE credit points.

Indonesian optometrists will need to obtain a minimum of 25 points in 5-year period. Under the government regulation, those who have less than the required CPE points will need to sit for the competency exam conducted by the government.

IROPIN had conducted 31 local seminars with accredited CPE points in 2019 across Indonesia with scientific program and workshop ranging from Myopia, Presbyopia, Pediatric and Binocular Vision Management, Low Vision to Contact Lens.

8,700 IROPIN members had benefited from these continuing education programs across Indonesia

The following are some documentations and photos:

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