Light, Colour & Vision – Virtual Conference

Date: JUNE 20TH – 21ST, 2020
Venue: Zoom Conference Call
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BASIC 101 COURSE – By Simon Grbevski BOptom, FACBO, FCOVD, FCSO.

You may have heard syntonics mentioned at a number of behavioural conferences, especially those of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and now you have the opportunity to learn about it and immediately implement it in your practice.

We would like to invite you to come and learn about this very powerful optometric light therapy method.

The Basic 101 Course will comprise of two days. Some of the topics covered will include history of syntonics, light as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, light and the neurophysiology as well as colour and its influence on vision, colour field mapping. From this you can diagnose and develop treatment plans catered to the needs of the individual. More specifically we will cover:

  1. Both practical education and theoretical knowledge including understanding the history of Optometric Phototherapy as well as the basic concepts.
  2. The anatomy and neurology of the nonvisual forming pathways.
  3. Optometric tests required for the diagnosis followed by the treatment protocols, as well as sample case study presentations.
  4. The four basic syndromes and their treatment protocols. These will provide treatment for 80% of your patients.
  5. How to incorporate syntonics into your vision therapy programs and practice management.
  6. Ensuring you will have the information to start syntonic therapy in your practice as soon as possible.
  7. Presenting the latest research in a unique way.
  8. Photobiomodulation; the impact of light on the physiology of the body and responses that can be made.
  9. How Chronobiology, the study of environmental or specific lighting has profound biological effects on our patients.
  10. About low level laser therapy, the new medicine, its use in pain management and dry macular degeneration.
  11. Demonstrations, workshops and case studies on the impact of syntonics.

Over 200 optometrists have already completed this course in Australia and New Zealand. All attendees have claimed this Basic 101 Course is extremely unique and particularly interesting regardless of whether or not they have implemented syntonics into their therapy programs.

E-BOOK copy of the Black Book will be provided to new Optometrist attendees!

ACS Conference Program
Sat 20th – Sun 21st June, 2020 Zoom LiveChat

Saturday 20th June – Basic 101 Course – Day 1 (15 min breaks)

Sunday 21st June – Basic 101 Course – Day 2 (half an hour breaks)
For Further information contact: Melanie Woodhouse


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Therapists must be enrolled with the optometrist who is doing the 101 or have proof that they are employed by the optometrist who has completed the Basic 101 Course.

*Special Offer* Basic 101 Course Refresher AUD $395 (Only eligible if you have already done the course before)


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