Refraction Training Course in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A National Program for Eye Health and Optometrist Society of Cambodia is conducting an ongoing refraction training course from 01 June to 30 December,2019 at the National Refraction Training Centre, in Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The refraction training course is a 6-month curriculum course approved and recognized by the Ministry of Health. The objective of the course is to increase the number of qualified refractionists and to improve the quality of refraction services in the public health system, as well as the private optical shops in Cambodia to reduce blindness due to uncorrected refractive errors in accordance the National Strategic Plan for Blindness Prevention and Control (NSPBPC 2016-2020) of Ministry of Health.

Total: 25 students, Female: 10, Male: 15

The 6-month full-time course focuses on:

1. Basic Ophthalmology

a. Anatomy and Physiology of the eye

b. Common Eye Diseases

c. Nursing Management of Eye Conditions and refer

d. Community Ophthalmology

2. Refraction

a. Basic Optic and Ophthalmic Lenses

b. All types of Refractive Errors and correction

c. Refraction techniques

d. Prescribing spectacles

e. Spectacle dispensing (Frame and Lens selection materials, fitting spectacle)

f. Outreach Vision Screening and school screening activity

g. Managing refraction and vision center clinic

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